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Artist: Jay Matharu

Album: These Clouds Are So Undisciplined!



Additional information:

Andreas Boliden – Digital Trumpet solo on “Kaleidoscope” (03:11)

Ponch Satrio – Guitar solo on “Illumination” (04:24)

Nili Brosh – Guitar solo on “Breath In, Breathe Out” (05:18)

Oscar Hansson – Bass guitar on “A Mother’s Love”

Emil Ingmar – Piano on “The Battle Within”

Kaffe Myers – Drums on all tracks

Max Nyström – Audio editing, Mixing & Mastering

Jay Matharu – Everything else


These Clouds Are So Undisciplined!  The debut album from Jay Matharu is OUT NOW!!

London born guitarist Jay Matharu has just launched his debut into the world of instrumental rock music with the release of his first album, These Clouds Are So Undisciplined!. The album is available now on bandcamp.com  

The album started as a self-funded project with no intention of release. Jay set himself the task of writing and recording an albums worth of music from scratch within one hundred days, he even documented the process on his YouTube channel. As the songs started to take form and with the addition of guest solos from artists such as Nili Brosh and Ponch Satrio,  Jay decided it was unfair to keep the music to himself.

The music can be best described as instrumental rock with a light flavouring of jazz, pop, fusion, and soul music.  These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! has something for every music lover, unless you’re into punk!! Tracks such as “Illumination” and “Ascent” are very atmospheric whilst “Breathe In, Breathe Out” is a full on rock track.

Who is Jay Matharu?

Originally from London, UK and now based in Uppsala, Sweden guitarist Jay Matharu is no stranger to the world of music.  Since he was a teenager he has been obsessed with playing and writing music in a wide variety of different genres. 

As a band member of Hexed, Dissonant Distance, Mahavira etc. he has wielded his axe on many a stage around Europe.

Some of the music that Matharu has recorded, written, co-written has even been added to playlist rotation on numerous radio stations such as Bandit Rock, BBC Asian Network and Total Rock.


Please get in touch with Jay at music@jaymatharu.com for interviews, reviews etc.




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