1 to 1 Lessons

Would you like to:

take up a new hobby?

break through plateaus?

learn music theory?


learn techniques to express yourself with more fluidity?

improve your overall guitar playing?

I am now offering private 1 to 1 lessons via Zoom or in Uppsala (English or Swedish) at very competitive rates.

All levels, experiences and styles are welcome!!!

Please contact me via the form here for more information.


“Jay’s knowledge and experience in music is extremely diverse, deep and varied. He can teach you everything from death metal to jazz fusion, and he seems equally interested in all nodes between those extremes which is very contagious to a student. Due to his extensive academic background in music, he is able to explain the hardest theory and the simplest with equal ease. Similarly, due to his long career as a guitarist, he can also aid you in song writing, composition, technique, speed – whatever a guitarist in any point of his life may need. He is in my experience, the best type of guitar teacher- inspiring, inspired, knowledgeable, and experienced, all with a heavy dose of pedagogy – no doubt due to his experience as a school teacher. I highly recommend his lessons.” Prabash

“Jay is a great teacher with contagious passion for music. Despite being an awesome musician who composes mind-blowing tracks, he is very encouraging and down to the earth and has always demonstrated great degree of patience and pedagogical skills.” Shuyi

“I took classes with Jay to get to know more about modes and also improvisation. Jay taught and showed me ways of thinking that really made the difference for me. Especially about modes, many years of frustration and misunderstanding came to an end. Besides the fact that he took courses with Guthrie Govan, the one and only, he is also a very nice and cool person. If you want to start learning or if you have been stuck somewhere on the road Jay is your guy.” Matheus